Wasteland Valley from Steinkjer in the middle of Norway was officially formed in 2015. 

It all began when drummer Espen Gotvasli moved back to his hometown Steinkjer in the middle of Norway, after a 10 years stay in Oslo. He had to leave his previous bands behind, and it didn't take long before the urge to create a new band arrived. The plan was to team up with longtime friend, and now brother in law Thomas Kvaløsæter. But beeing in other bands, it took some time before he finally found the time to join in. When he finally did, they started planning and discussing who to bring in the bandproject. It didn`t take long before they decided asking Christian Følstad to join in on guitars and Jon Erling Ringstad to join in on bass. The four of them started jamming on some coversongs, and quickly found a real good musical chemestry. This resulted in finding an even better chemestry in songwriting, so they started writing their own songs without even having an vocalist yet. 

Beeing that the band was not complete, this band was not the first priority of all of the members at the time. So it took a while before things picked up. But in the spring of 2015, they was asked by Gotvasli's former band "Svigermord" to do a supportjob with them. This was an oppurtunity they didn't want to turn down, so they called in a bandmeeting resulting in stepping up the search for a frontman. And it didn't take long before the young Espen Elden Olsen from Namdalseid responded to an Facebook ad, and got an audition. The audition went well, and they decided to try him on stage for the supportjob. Olsen delievered at stage as well, and now joined as the fifth and final member. 

In the autumn of 2015, the band decided to go for it and make a full length album. A studio was booked for the winter, and more songs where written. And in the early winter of 2016, Wasteland Valley entered Steelbone Studios teaming up with Steinar Tangstad to record their debutalbum. 

The record was finished in the spring, and released june 3rd of 2016. It was named "Break the Ice" to symbolize that this was their first album. The release was celebrated with a proper releaseparty, and this was actually the bands first full concert. They also appeared on several local newspapers and the local radio station, and in only one year they had already done a lot more than they ever expected.

The winter of 2017, vocalist Espen Elden Olsen delievered the shooking news that he retired from the band. But he was replaced by Tor Erik Simensen, most known from the extreme metal genre and the bands like "No Dawn" and "Ragnarock". But Simensen quickly prooved that he was fitted for hardrock as well, with his charismatic voice and great stagepressence. 

After a few gigs with Simensen aboard, the band knew that they had to come up with a follow up album pretty fast because of the new vocalist. So in the autumn  of 2017, they re-entered Steelbone Studios to once again hook up with Steinar Tangstad and record some new songs. Only 3 songs was recorded in that session, because these 3 songs was the only ones that was written at this point. But they needed to release something with Simensen quickly, and the song "Masquerade" was released as a single and B-video march 23rd 2018. The winter of 2018, the rest of the new album was written. And in the spring, the rest of the songs was recorded and finished. The new album got the name "Pantheon" after the famous Temple of All Gods in Rome, as they wanted something powerful with lots of balls and attitude. The new album "Pantheon" was released november 24th 2018, and got several great reviews from different magazines and webzines such as Powerplay Magazine, The Metalgods Meltdown, and The release was celebrated with a releaseparty in the hometown Steinkjer, and with the new album Wasteland Valley was very thirsty for playing gigs and expand ther horizon. 

Since then, Wasteland Valley has played in norwegian cities like Oslo, Hamar, Trondheim, Verdal. And they have played supportgigs for bands like "Oslo Ess", "Divided Multitude" and "Sandberg". But the highlight this far, was to finally get to play "Steinkjerfestivalen" in front of their hometown audience. This was a very special night, with circusartist Julie Heir performing with flames, Simensen proposing to his girlfriend on stage, and the venue packed with loud hometown audience making an electric and magial atmosphere.

Now the band wish to continue widening their horizon, and a new album will also soon be in the works!